Black Summer Heat by Will Dockery (photo)
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Will Dockery
2017-03-18 06:34:55 UTC
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On Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 12:00:48 PM UTC-5, Michael Pendragon
Here's a photo taken just a few days ago (again by Robert Wright) and
besides some bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, I'm pleased with
my current condition, which I say is not so bad for an old man.
Good Noir styling on that one, too: dark overall with high-contrast
lights giving the background a late night city feel.
A question, Michael (or anyone else with an interest in this), did you
have a problem getting to the Pinterest page, or did it load quickly and
at the right place?
I ask because last night when I tried to get to that link above, the site
made me pretty much jump through hoops to get there.
I was on my little mobile gizmo so I don't know if that ma have been the
cause, I suspect it is, but curious.
BTW, there are more film noir styled photographs from my friend Rob Wright
scattered around my page there. Rob says hello to the good folks here, but
says he won't be returning.
The "fucktard trolls" here, as he calls them, just makes him want to shoot
a couple of them.
And so it goes.
it wasn't singular, the photo, but my eyes were on Ashlen more than

Rob is corrected....this place is poisoned with fucktards....pass it along
to your friend......


Obviously so, on both counts.
Will Dockery
2017-03-18 15:55:52 UTC
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Where did video go?
Taken down for a re-shoot...

Meanwhile, check out an older classic...

She Sleeps Tight / Will Dockery & Sandy Madaris