When the Stooges Joined the Circus / Will Dockery
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Will Dockery
2015-09-09 20:21:45 UTC
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When the Stooges Joined the Circus

Well I had a little run in,
but it it's all over now.
Prima dona baby bend her knee for me,
dance like I don't know how.


Like it or not I left the kiosk,
I had a late night company.
But she saved my life that night,
half-way free she blew my troubles away.


When the Stooges joined the circus,
bing bang crashing around midnight.
It all went down in flames that night,
her death head grinning at the sight.

-Will Dockery

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"When the Stooges Joined the Circus" / Will Dockery & The Shadowville
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Peter J Ross
2015-09-11 02:19:07 UTC
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In alt.arts.poetry.comments on Wed, 9 Sep 2015 16:21:45 -0400, Will
Post by Will Dockery
Prima dona
Anybody can perpetrate a typo. It takes a Dreckery to continue
perpetrating the same typo months or years after it's been pointed out
to him.
PJR :-)

τὸν οἰόμενον νόον ἔχειν ὁ νουθετέων ματαιοπονεῖ.
- Democritus