2016-Feb-02: >> resources for poetry readers and writers <<
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Bill Evans
2016-02-02 00:00:00 UTC
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Potentially useful material for poetry readers and writers
can be found here:


Writing poetry? Want to have it critiqued? Websites
providing online comment and critique can be found here:


This newsgroup (the one in which you're reading this
article) is a good place to discuss poetry. If you want to
post your own poetry for criticism, that's welcome, too.
(In fact, that's the original purpose of the newsgroup
alt.arts.poetry.comments.) But seriously consider Poetry
Free-For-All, described in the above link, as an
alternative. There are two reasons for this.

1. PFFA will require you to critique the poems of other
people if you want others to critique your poems. This
benefits you because it helps you develop a disciplined
eye toward your own poetry. Otherwise, it's just too
easy to get all creative, slap things on Usenet, and
wait for others to look at your work critically. Writing
without critiquing is rather like amblyopia. Being
forced to critique others' poems is like wearing a patch
over the good eye: over time, your critiquing will become

2. PFFA makes a serious effort to block trolls. You may
have noticed trolls in this newsgroup. They chip away at
enthusiasm and sap the spirit.

If you decide to stay here, please consider reading the
following helpful article about trolls:


Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0000 (UTC)

On this day:

in 1882, Irish poet James Joyce was born;
in 1923, U.S. poet James Dickey was born;
in 1940, U.S. poet Thomas M. Disch was born; and
in 1942, Russian poet Daniil Kharms died.
Will Dockery
2016-11-24 16:40:55 UTC
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"Bill Evans" wrote in message news:***@mariposabill.com...

Apropos to recent weather in some parts of the U.S.:

Ode to a Blizzard
Thomas M. Disch

O! wonderful for weight and whiteness!
Ideolog whose absolutes
Are always proven right
By white and then
More white and white again,
Winning the same argument year
After year by making the opposition

O! dear miniature of infinity with no
End in sight and no snow-
Flake exactly like
Another, all
A little different no
Matter how many may fall,
Just like our own DNA or the human face

O! still keep covering the street
And sidewalks, cemeteries, even
Our twice-shoveled drive,
And all that is alive,
With geometries that sleet
Will freeze into Death's
Impromptu vision of a heaven
Wholly white!

For we know who your sponsor is, whose will
You so immensely serve,
Whose chill is more severe
Than any here.
Though his name may be unspoken,
His commandments are unbroken,
And every monument that you erect
Belongs to him!


Quite appropriate for many areas in America this week.